Dr. Shivam Mishra
Asia Pacific Director
Shivam Mishra is one of the topmost reputed yoga teacher in the relevent field. He did his PhD MBA & double MA. He has huge experience of Yoga. He also won several awards and recognition. He visited several countries for promotion of yoga.
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Dr Shivam Mishra

Shivam Mishra is one of the topmost reputed yoga teacher in the relevent field. He did his PhD MBA & double MA. He has huge experience of Yoga. He also won several awards and recognition. He visited several countries for promotion of yoga.

Experience Summary

    • Over 11 years of Yoga Expert experience working as Subject matter expert and Team leader backup.
    • Primarily worked on Direct and Online Yoga Session policies for Skm Yoga.
    • Experience in Capacity planning, Yoga Sessions planning, requirements analysis, risk analysis, estimation, scheduling, team management and status reporting.
    • Good level of Yoga sessions processing experience with yogic skills underwriting and services knowledge.
    • Published many research papers like Gastrophegia and yogic effect, Dermatology and Yoga etc.
    • Experience in identifying, assessing, communicating and managing projects. .
    • Proficiency collaborating with geographically distributed cross functional teams.
    • Served lead role managing and mentoring team sizes of 25 to 30 people.
    • Visited 12 countries for yoga Sessions, seminars, and researches.
    • Worked for many Eminent organisations like Accenture, Genpact, Kachru Diversities, Yogshala, etc
    • Worked for many organisations like Yoga Shikshak Sangh as Joint Secretary, YSFI India as general Secretary.
    • Worked for many universities like Ccsu affiliated college, Gbu, Vbspu, Dsvv Singhaniya University
    • Worked As guest faculty to many Yttc organisations like Arogya Yogshala, Aro yoga, yogayatra etc.
    • Worked for many Armed forces.
    • Worked for many many colleges and Schools.
    • Worked with Eminent Corporates like Amar Ujala, CSIR, Eminent clients like Various judges, Doctors, Engineers, Civil Servents and many more.


  • Proven experience in leading requirements and development teams to deliver best yogic sessions.
  • Well demonstrated onsite/offshore coordination and client Satisfaction.
  • Enthusiastic team player who can either lead a group or be a valuable team member.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Highly self-motivated and able to set effective priorities to achieve immediate & long-term goals in accordance with project & operational deadlines.
  • Key Competencies & Skills
  • Operations Management
  • Scope definition, Estimation for classes, Sessions Planning, execution, Yoga Task management, Status reporting, Risk management, Escalation procedures, Metrics collection & analysis, Yoga Research involvements Resource management, SLA management etc.
  • Technical Skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft office (Word, Excel and Power Point)
  • Graphics Designing, printing Social Media etc. .

Professional Experience




2014 – Till Date


  • Yoga Expert ,
  • Yoga Researcher
  • Management of Yoga team

Awards and Honours

Won 12 Gold medals in National Championships

Won 6 Gold Medals during Studies

Awarded with many International awards

Awarded with Yog Ratna Award

Awarded with Yog Gourav Award

Awarded with Internation Yoga teacher of the year award 2018

Awarded With Yoga Shikshak of the year Award

Awarded with Swaraj rakshak samman

Topper Student of the year in MBA


    • Monitoring Yoga processing team of more than 25 members.
    • Working on Direct and Monitoring International Yoga sessions.
    • Signing agreements for the various Yoga Associations like Yoga Shikshak Sangh, yoga sports federation of India.

, etc on behalf of the underwriters of skm yoga International yoga services.

  • Reporting Business Metrics to Leadership (i.e. MIS reporting -Dashboards\ Service levels and Volumes Run charts using various tools).
  • Capacity planning, yoga months planning and execution.
  • Making strategy, quality planning and achieving them.
  • Making sure that the team meets the SLA’s and exceeding client expectations national and international
  • Leading, mentoring & monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficiency in process operations and meeting of individual & group targets as per required yoga classes.
  • Responsible for day to day functional supervision of sessions processing team including work assignment and attendance monitoring.
  • Taking care of the complete data throughout the day and making sure that it is completed by all members on regular basis.
  • Sending reports to the Superior yoga process leaders about services and quality on weekly and daily basis and generation of final reports in month end for the process.
  • Maintain accurate metrics of direct reports individual performance as well as overall team level performance as outlined via the Quality matrix defined for international yoga execution.

Other Activities

  • Creating and sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development opportunities and motivates high performance amongst Team members as Yoga Enthusiast.
  • Taken Thousands of online sessions more than 45 countries across world.
  • Responsible to share all the communications received from the Yoga market related to the processing of the sessions.
  • Conducting continuous yoga researches on Diseases to ensure compliance and sound functioning of the process.
  • Providing feedback to the Yoga Shikshak Sangh members based on Quality yoga sessions and rendering suggestions for improvement.
  • To ensure that the teams adhere to the entire quality classes, researches tool and follow all the policies and procedures which are required to meet the client expectation to the maximum and follow the best practice to ensure Quality to the Yoga sessions.


Pursuing PhD Final Year in Yoga Business management.

Completed Post Graduation in International Business Management

Completed Post graduation in Yoga Science.

Completed Graduation from Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal Univerity

Completed 200 Hrs and 500 Hrs Yoga teachers Trainning (USA)

Completed 12 Certificate Courses in various areas.

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